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Touchline Recruitment is working with professionals within football who work in the game on a full-time basis. If you are qualified and have experience of working within the professional game then sign up to Touchline Recruitment. It is our aim to fit you with the right position within football.
Once an Recruiter has contacted us with a position that fits your experience and qualifications we will contact you to see if you are interested in us putting your name forward for the position. We will request an up-to date Curriculum Vitae from yourself which we can help with. Our legal team will help with negotiations and contract of employment.
It is free to enrol and if we do not find you a suitable position we do not charge. Once we have found you a suitable position our fees are 5%. It is also important to read and agree to Touchline Recruitment terms and conditions when submitting your details.

Simple Three Step Process!

It is important to our employers that we have as much details as possible about our potential employees so please fill in all areas as accurately as possible.

  • Complete Profile including uploading CV – Copy of relevant Highest Qualification
  • Copy of Coaching Philosophy (if relevant)
  • Agree to Term & Conditions
  • Time it will take to complete around (10min) – if you don’t complete all areas or you want to change any field these can be changed at any other time.
  • Once completed all fields and Terms and Conditions have been agreed another email sent out to say we have received and we will be in touch once a relevant position becomes available that suits your experience & qualifications

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