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Touchline Recruitment is working with professional football organisations to support you with your recruitment. Touchline Recruitment have respected professionals who have demonstrated their recommendation of Touchline Recruitment by signing up to our services. Touchline Recruitment will match candidates to profiles of football organsiations looking for positions in football. Touchline Recruitment have over 50 years of experience within football and we will use our football network on your behalf. We will assess your criteria and skills sets ensuring Touchline Recruitment are working for you recruiting the right person in to the right role.

All of our the profiles that register with Touchline Recruitment are fully screened through our intensive enrolment procedure.

Touchline Recruitment also offers a service to carry out the full recruitment process on behalf of your organisation including; full screening, interviews, reference checks.

It is free to enrol and if we do not find you a suitable person for the position we do not charge for our services. Once we have found you a suitable person for the position our fees are 5% of the contract. It is also important to read and agree to Touchline Recruitment terms and conditions when submitting your details.

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