Touchline Recruitment is the first global recruitment specialists working on behalf of the football industry. If you are seeking employment or looking for someone to fill a position then sign up and enrol or contact us to assist you.

We have associates working in different continents around the globe; Europe – Asia – North & South America – Oceania – Africa. We also have many contacts within the game and can help you fulfil your needs as a Job Seeker or Recruiter. We also have a legal team who will help with regards of contract negotiations.

Our aim is to assist in recruiting right person into the right job with the right employers. We recognise as a job seeker working in professional football it can be extremely difficult to find the right position and we also recognise that as an recruiter in the football industry it can be difficult to find the right person to fit the job description and culture of your organisation. That is where TR bridges the gap between job seekers wanting a job in football and recruiters looking to fill a position. We have thousands of professionals signed up to TR and our database is designed to filter the right person to fit the criteria laid out by the recruiters.

Our Philosophy

Is to recruit the right person, first time, every time. Confidentiality is key to how we do business.

Our Promise

TR knows if you are doing a job you love it will never feel like work. Trust in Touchline Recruitment to find your next position for you. Trust in Touchline Recruitment to find your organisation the right person.

Three Easy Steps for Job Seekers to sign up.

  • Create a username and password
  • Click on the Register button
  • Edit your details and upload your CV

Once a Job Seeker has signed up any jobs that we are contacted by a club or association that suits your experience and qualifications we will contact you first to see if you are interested. Once you have agreed your interest we will ask you to complete a more thorough application and upload a up-to date CV. We offer a service to help with this. Employers might want to interview or speak to you direct. Once our employers have made a decision we will then contact you to negotiate terms and conditions. Again this is something that we do on your behalf.

For employers the process is just as simple. On the Recruiters page complete the Employers form and if you have a job description then upload it. We will then contact our Job Seekers who best suit the role we will then send you a list of candidates for you to either negotiate or interview. Our sign up procedure for job seekers is very thorough including checks on qualifications and references. It is our promise that job seekers are genuine.
Alternatively we offer a service for employers that we can take the hassle out of advertising and being bombarded with applications. We can do the recruiting on your behalf. Contact us for details.

We have been in the business in all aspects of football for many years and we are looking at bridging the gap between a job seeker and employers making the process easier for both parties. Our website is designed to also making this process easier especially in a global market.

We look forward to working with you and fulfilling your needs.

“Confidentiality Is Key To How We Do Business”